Angry Birds iPhone 4 Cases, to Help You Get Them Pigs!

Angry birds is a worldwide sensation for anybody owning a smart phone. What started as a small independent game on the iPhone has turned into a multi-million dollar hit that just keeps on growing. If you can’t get enough of squashing those dastardly pigs who are trying to make omelets out of your eggs, then you are going to love this next announcement! Gear4 is releasing a new line of Angry Birds hard cases for the iPhone 4 and the iPod touch.
Now you can proudly tell the world that you are a 3 star bird flinging fiend with your favorite furious fowl covering your iPhone. There’s a variety of popular characters to choose as well from the exploding kamikaze Black Bird, to the tiny but dangerous Blue Bird, the bomb dropping White Bird, and the ever popular Australian Boomerang Bird! Now if only we could resist the urge to violently chuck our Angry Bird iPhones at every pig who passes by

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