Share Autom: The Eyelash Batting Robotic Weightloss Coach

January tends to begin with promises of detoxing and diets, and the Autom Weightloss coach offers you a way to make the calorie counting a little easier. It’s a robotic styled device that’s equipped with an interactive touchscreen that gives you diet tips and support and allows you to input your daily food intake.

The idea is that you engage daily with the Autom, inputting details such as your weight and target goals, and it suggests ways to help your reach your target. You input your food into the touchscreen and it searches from an in depth menu of popular products for the correct one. For example, when inputting ‘cereal’ you can then choose from a range of Frosted Flakes, Cheerio’s etc, and then add portion size to the mix.

You could use a computer to monitor your eating habits instead, but there’s something very fetching about this machine, and the fact that it’s so large will mean you’re unable to ignore it sitting on your counter. The eyelashes really do flutter when the Autom interacts with you!

You can watch the Autom in action here.

Price and shipping date is TBC, but we have been told an estimated retail price of $399.

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  1. This is a device designed robot that is equipped with an interactive touch screen that allows you to nutrition advice and support and allows you to enter your daily food intake.

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