Casio Wristwatch Alerts You to Incoming Messages on Your Smartphone

Casio has come out with a Bluetooth-enabled watch that utilizes a two-way data link with a smartphone or other mobile device.  This means that you can access something that is literally on your person at all times, to alert you to messages or phone calls arriving on a phone that might be buried in your purse, a pocket , or a back seat, or within 2-5 meters.  It is “two way” in that it enables the watch to remotely control several mobile functions. It uses a fairly new Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to enable the watch to perform these functions without consuming more battery power than a typical wristwatch. Battery life could last as long as two years!

Overview of Casio’s Prototype Bluetooth Low Energy Watch

Main features:

– Wireless communication is powered by the button-cell battery used in small devices and watches

–  Battery life with the communication functions is the same as previously released watches

–  The watch case measures a comfortable 53.4 (D) x 44.4 (W) x 12.8 (T) millimeters

Main functions:

–  The alert signal notifies the wearer of calls and e-mail messages arriving on the networked smartphone

–  Alarm and vibration functions of a smartphone can be activated using a watch button

–  A smartphone’s ring and vibration alerts can be stopped by tapping the watch

–  Accurate time information can be transmitted from a smartphone to the watch to ensure correct time

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