Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Introduces Single Serve Coffee Machines

Yes, besides Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts there are other well known coffee beanery places and one of the biggest ones on the west coast is Coffee Bean & Teaf leaf. Well now it appears that they want to bring their coffee wares to the east coast by releasing a line of new coffee machines. The single serve machines will work with specially branded Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf capsules, so that you can re-create their favorite espresso, brewed coffee, brewed tea and specialty beverages at home. The CBTL systems will consist of two different models: The Contata which is available in Gray/Black and retails for $129.95 and the Kaldi, which is available in Metallic Red, Metallic Blue/Silver and Metallic White/Silver and priced at $149.95. The machines are average in design so we will have to see if taste surpass looks. The Capsules will run you about $5.50 for 10 and specialty flavors might be a bit more. So whose ready to go all California Girls and see if those west coast beans are any good?

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