Epson Artisan 835 Review

It has been two years since we reviewed the first Epson Artisan All-in-one inkjet that started it all, the Artisan 800. When it first launched we were impressed with its piano black finish and stylish exterior that let it blend in with just about any room in a home or office. Well the 3rd generation of the printer recently launched and many of the same elements remain intact. The Epson Artisan 835 is still the same sexy printer we have come to adore with a few enhancements that only make it even more appealing to consumers, while still staying true to what made the Artisan stand out a few years ago.

In the Box

This time around, less is more when it comes to the packaging. When you open the box you are greeting with the printer inside a huge clear plastic bag with handles that let you easily take the printer out of the box. Bundled along with the printer is an Accessory Kit that holds the installation CD, a printable CD-R, 6 ink cartridges, and an extra bonus black cartridge too. A telephone cable and power cable are also included. However this time around the kit doesn’t include any sample paper.


Like I said, the look and feel of the Artisan 835 is almost identical to the 800 prior to it. The touch panel is still 7.8″ and the color LCD is 3.5″. The piano black features are still very much intact too. Unfortunately, the tray is sadly still flimsy as it was on the 800 model and still transforms to hold all different sorts of media in different sizes. Also, the 835 has an extra bulky back-side on its rear end which was not there with the original 800 model, so it will take up a bit more space on your desk.

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The Artisan 835 has many different options for installation, besides being compatible with both Mac and PC. For starters, the printer features built-in WiFi so that all of your computers on your wireless network can print to it. You can also connect the 835 to your local network by plugging it into your router via an ethernet cable. Last but not least, there is a new ability to print from your iPhone to the Artisan 835 when using the free PrintJinni iPhone app.

Installing the printer was rather painless. But first you must remember to remove any printer software you might have had installed prior. Otherwise the Epson installation will not go smoothly. Once you do that – follow the on-screen prompts to get your printer setup. I chose to set the printer up three ways – via WiFi, via USB, and via the PrintJinni iPhone app.

Utilizing the installation CD that came with the printer, USB setup was simple as can be and setup was completed in less than 10 minutes. After that, I wanted to print from my laptop wirelessly. To get the 835 connected to your network, you have to setup the wireless connection via the touch panel on the printer. Just scroll over to setup from the panel and then look for your network, and once you enter the WEP Key for your specific network, you will have just enabled the Artisan 835 to be recognized as a printer on your network. You will still have to install the Artisan 835’s print software on each individual computer that you want to print from in order for the 835 to work properly, but overall the process is painless.

Next up was the iPhone. Now this one took me a few minutes to figure out since there are no clear instructions on how to use the PrintJinni app. I added my email account to the app and then waited for my emails to load so I could print them. Sadly though, for now – all you can print are attachments from your emails with this app. Once my email loaded, I could then setup the printer to work with the iPhone.


So we know the outside of the Artisan 835 basically looks the same as its predecessors, but what about the inside? Some significant improvements from the last time we reviewed the Artisan 800 is the ability to print directly from your mobile device. You can also charge mobile devices from the USB ports from the front of the printer. Print speeds have also significantly improved and go by the new standard of ISO print speeds which is 9.5 ISO ppm black and 9 ISO PPM color. The same functions like sending faxes, making copies, and scanning can still be done from the touch panel. You can also crop photos, restore, or invert colors of your images all from there as well.


Scanning images is super easy with the Epson Artisan 835. Scans transferred to the computer in less than a minute and details are impressive. I scanned in both an older magazine cover along with a physical and very retro calculator. The scanner picked up the faded and also worn out textures of both items. The resolution of both the items scanned was high and I was extremely impressed with how close to the real thing these scans looked.


Like with all the Epson printers we have tested, the color of prints has always been rich and impressive. The Artisan 835 is no different. It is feature rich when it comes to printing photos for personal use or creative projects. What has changed this time around though is how fast a great quality photo prints. True to the sticker on the machine, you get HD quality prints in less than ten seconds. However it all comes down to the paper. Want excellent quality photos? Then don’t go cheap on the paper. The better the paper, the more vibrant the colors and it will unleash the beast in Epson’s color printing capabilities. Epson themselves make excellent high quality photo paper that is worth checking out if you want to create some stunning prints at home.


The Epson Artisan 835 printer may not be a game changer anymore, but its significant improvements over its predecessors such as faster speeds, mobile printing, and even richer colors certainly is impressive. The included bundled software is a nice touch as well – Epson CreativeZone, ABBYY FineReader, and Epson Easy Photo Print are all included with your purchase. That said, we would have liked it if the touch panel had experienced little bit of a make-over after all these years, as well as the paper-tray. I also would have liked to be able to print when one cartridge of ink is out of ink. You can swap the cartridges in and out with ease but we hate how the whole printing process gets halted when one cartridge is out of ink. This is one aspect of the Artisan that really needs improvement. However for $199.99 or less, the Artisan 835 is certainly a robust All-in-one printer for the price. Overall, Moms, Dads, and kids will all love the printer’s easy to use functions.

The Good: Faster printing speeds. Easy to setup on your network. Print from iPhone capabilities. Still very stylish and will fit into any decor. Priced right. Beautiful prints.

The Bad: Flimsy paper-tray. Printer will not print if one cartridge is out of ink. An update to the touch panel would have been nice.


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