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FashionWare 2011 is Like Fashion Week for Fashionista Geeks

This week we got a chance to witness something extremely unique and incredibly awesome in Las Vegas, amongst this gadget infested wasteland that is CES 2011 – FashionWare.  FashionWare 2011 brought together various ladies of the tech blogosphere including our very own Chip Chick ladies Helena Stone and Zara Rabinowicz, who where presenters at the event. The FashionWare event gave us a taste of what could possibly be technology and fashion of the future if both worlds collided.  Which after Lady Gaga’s unveiling of the Polaroid glasses, countless headphones inspired by designers, and shirts that bring the cotton they are on to life. It isn’t that much of  far-fetched idea these days.

Each of the models dripping with hi-tech clothing strutted their stuff down the runway  and represented a real scenario where technology can enhance both utility and beauty. Besides the models and their techie clothing – several non-human models might have stolen the show altogether. The Mint Automatic Floor Cleaner did an awesome dance sequence that you need to see to believe.

Fashion Goes Green

Of course there has to be a ‘green’ outfit at a fashion show and this one features a Voltaic Solar backpak  and a Lenovo Ideapad which transforms from a laptop to a tablet.

Mobile Dad

The Mobile Dad is carrying a LiveScribe EchoSmart pen, wearing a personal MP3 player shirt from Think Geek and a LED umbrella.

Do It YourSelf Mom

The do it yourself Mom has  Switchcraft purse lights that  open up, when you open your bag. She also had a Microsoft Mobile Phone, TV B Gone jacket and Snapfish photo t-shirt.

The Blogger Ware Mom

Blogger mom needs to record those moments for posterity.  The model was wearing the The Looxcie Wearable Camcorder and a Kamera-flage dress which holds a special surprise.  It might look plain but take a look through your camera. Surprise.  And based on the mathematical beauty of nature,  the Fibonacci scarf from the Diana Eng collection keeps her toasty.

LivingWare Mom

Living has its ups and downs.  Diana Eng’s  Twinkle Pad dress lights up in response to environmental sound.  Las Vegas may just short circuit it. But when she plays her Microsoft Zune tunes her dress is very twinkly.  And since you can never tell when you’re going to find yourself at a 3D cinema she’s got her Oakley 3D glasses.   And being prepared for just about anything the model had own personal Taser for stylish protection.

DayWare Mom

DayWare Mom gets through the day in style.  She had on an electroluminescent jacket with  a built in accelerometer. The faster she moved, the faster it moves.  A Windows 7 phone  running Line 2 – an app that gives her a second phone line or can be used  to turn any  tablet into a phone, topped off with a Think Geek electric guitar shirt. Lastly a Jack Frost scarf gives her a new look each time Jack comes nipping at her nose.

PartyWare Mom

It’s a party and mom’s invited.  She’s wearing Snapfish’s new leather bracelet with photocharm, a Miura Ori Scarf  inspired by Japanese origami and folded structures that have been used everywhere from this scarf to space shuttles.   Lastly she is also holding the Acer Iconia with two screens instead of one.

Sportswear Mom

Exercise TV and New Balance Running Gear, BodyMedia Fit, and Microsoft Mobile 7 phone with help this Sportswear Mom stay in shape, energized, and aware of her workout.

Evening Wear

The big show stopper and whimsical finale to evening. Inspired by blooming flowers and emerging insect wings this dress will transform itself in front of your very eyes.

So there you have it, probably the best fashion show I’ve seen in awhile. Designers: Connor Dickie, Diana Eng, Becky Stern, Fang-Yu Lin, Alison Lewis, and Amanda Parkes all fused technology and fashion together and if this is just the beginning. I can’t wait to see what these designers have in store for us next year. Fashion Week 2011 perhaps??

The Other Tech Presenters Were:

Beth Blecherman

Elisa Camahort

Suzanne Kantra

Natali Morris

Andrea Smith

Monica Vila

Christiane Vejlo

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