E FUN’s APEN Digital Pen Let’s You Write in Real Ink on Real Paper

This should bring down the naysayers of tablets. All those complaints about “missing the real feel of ink and paper” are out the window with these two innovative devices. E FUN affords you the opportunity to take notes in meetings, annotate, write hand written emails, and even draw pictures. Most of us can attest to the superiority of doodling on paper rather then on computer drawing pads. We can’t wait to try this one out! The Nextbook Next5 Android Tablet has a 7″ TFT touch-screen color display, built-in Wi-Fi, many  multimedia functions and a preloaded Borders eBook Store. It is the first Android tablet to include an integrated digital pen.

“The Next5 features the Android 2.1 operating system, 2GB of built-in memory with support for a SD/SDHC card and a MP3/photo viewer. Built-in speakers, microphone and G-sensor are also included. The very normal looking APEN digital pen digitizes handwriting and hand-drawn images, which can then be immediately shared via e-mail, in blogs or social media sites such as Facebook and Flickr.

Using its built-in Wi-Fi technology, Next5 users can browse the Internet, receive and answer e-mails, watch YouTube videos and listen to Internet music. Its touch-screen feature puts turning pages while reading and choosing applications right on the user’s fingertips, while a seven-mode equalizer adjusts audio to match the music format. Additional functions include a calculator and an alarm clock.”

Available in Spring for $279.99 for both the Tablet and Apen.

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