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iGloLEDset is a programmable strip of 120 full color LED lights controlled by an iOS or Android device. With the app, you have complete control over all aspects of the light strip including colors, patterns, speeds, and animation. With all the programmable presets, you can have a custom light-show for every and any occasion.

What’s in the Box

-One iGloLED Strip: 120 lights (16.4ft / 5 meters)
-One iGloLED WiFi Controller Unit
-One Universal Power Supply


The iGloLED light strip comes in a rolled up spool. The strip itself is a copper-colored ribbon with circuitry covered in a UV resistant transparent silicone. It has a rubbery and flexible feel to it. It’s also pretty light. According to iGloLED’s FAQ, the case is splash resistant, but not weather proof.

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Set up

The unboxing of iGloLED can be a little intimidating because it looks like a bunch of wires surrounding a rolled up strip of LEDs. It is actually quite simple; there are essentially three connections each with a connector. Just match up the three different types of connectors and you’re good. There are two wires that hang off of the iGloLED strip on both sides. There’s a power cable and a control cable, male on one end of the strip, female on the other. The two male cables plug into the iGloLED WiFi controller Unit, and the controller unit plugs into the universal power supply which plugs into the wall. That’s it for hardware set up, the iGloLED is now broadcasting a wireless signal. iPhone/iPad/iPod touch set up is very easy. Download iGloLEDset from the App Store for free. Connect to the iGloLED WiFi network and launch the app. That’s it. Apparently, the Android set up is a little trickier, and the app costs $2.99. The Android set up can be found here.


There are 120 LEDs on one 16 foot iGloLED strip. You can connect up to three strips (additional strips sold separately) totaling 49 feet of lights. Each LED light on the strip has the ability to display virtually any color of the rainbow, enabling iGloLED to perform some very nice fading effects. Once plugged in, the light strip will begin shining away with an animated rainbow pattern. To control the lights you need to fire up the app. The app comes with 85 presets installed. The presets have the colors, type of movement, and direction pre-programmed. You can slow down, speed up, or pause all of the presets. Speed can be adjusted by the device’s accelerometer if desired. Alternatively, you can choose one of 14 color schemes and separately choose a movement type and a direction–350 combinations total. Next, there are 100 programmable presets where you can customize your own patterns. The iGloLED app has a real time feature where accelerometer-controlled balls choose the location and color of active lights on the strip. The real time feature can also be used with up to four fingers. The last main feature of the iGloLED app is the ability to split the strip up into eight segments and individually control each segment. This means you can use a different preset on 8 individual segments of the LED strip. LED strips that are daisy chained together are recognized by the app as one strip. The app can individually control multiple WiFi units.

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Seeing the iGloLEDset in action can be a mind-blowing experience. Controlling it yourself is even better. The set up could not be easier. The application has a lot of features and the info icons do a fantastic job at explaining each button and feature. The app gives you absolute control over your lights in every way imaginable, except one. The app will not let you choose individual colors to add to your color scheme, you need to choose from gradients. For instance, if I want a Red-Yellow-Blue LED strip, I need to choose a Red-Yellow gradient and a Yellow-Blue gradient to accomplish this. The problem is that the app may not have the gradient I want, or it might be in the wrong direction. The only other real issue I had with the application is that it freezes and crashes a lot, which freezes the lights. Sometimes the only way to unfreeze the lights is restarting iPhone and relaunching the app. Most of the gripes I had with iGloLED are problems with the application not the iGloLEDset device, which will likely be fixed with future updates. The one issue I have with the hardware is that it can’t be integrated into your current wireless network. This means that you have to disconnect from your home network and connect to the iGloLED network, which is not password protected, in order to control the lights.


iGloLEDset is a very unique and impressive product. There could be a number of uses for a programmable lightstrip. The iGloLED website features videos with the strip along staircases, wrapped around robots, accenting fish tanks, and even pimping out the inside of a car. The iGloLED kit costs $299 and each additional strip (no WiFi unit) costs $199. This is a pretty pricey investment for glorified Christmas Tree lights, especially considering that the app is still pretty buggy, so there’s no doubt that iGloLEDset is a luxury item, but hey…it might be just what you needed to spruce up your fireplace or seamlessly transform your Christmas Tree into a Hanukkah bush. Either way, the iGloLED will woo your guests and make one hell of a conversation piece.

The Good: Completely Customizable with iOS/Android, Ability to daisy chain multiple cords, displays almost any color, very impressive and fun to watch
The Bad: App freezes, can’t create color schemes with individual colors, Android App isn’t Free, Expensive, not weather-proof, can’t integrate into existing WiFi network.

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