Griffin’s CarTrip Keeps You Informed in Real Time

Many of us are at the mercy of our gas guzzling vehicles, left to wonder what exactly is happening under the hood. How many times have you been envious of the mechanic and his magic computer streaming in all kinds of info? Griffin has now made that available to the general public. It involves an integration of hardware that is similar to what a mechanic uses to read your car’s computer- and On Board Diagnostic Computer Reader, to relay information as varied as fuel economy, engine efficiency, maintenance codes, and environmental impact.Resulting information is displayed on a compatible iOS, or Adroid device, through an app called Clean Drive.
“CleanDrive monitors the car’s performance, collecting realtime data like fuel consumption, acceleration, top speed and engine diagnostic codes. CleanDrive crunches the numbers and displays a “Carbon Score” in an easy-to-understand format on the iOS or Android device’s screen. Instantaneous, trip, and long-term averages are recorded to give a clear view of how driving habits impact the environment over time. In addition, CleanDrive will display and reset the diagnostic codes sent by the car’s on-board computer, so that drivers can know what the “Check Engine” light is really saying.”

CarTrip will be available in the first quarter of 2011 for $89.99.

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