Tech Whore Josh Duhamel Stars in New Hollywood Hi-Tech TV Series

Hollywood Hi-Tech TV is a new TV series devoted to home electronics and high-end custom installation in celebrity homes. In other words the show is about watching a bunch of celebrities get a free high-tech makeover. The show premieres in June 2011, but will debuting at CES on thursday where the DIY Network will reveal never before seen clips from the show. Amongst the participating celebrities are Khloe Kardashian, Lamar Odom, Kevin Connolly, Jeremy Piven, and Josh Duhamel.

But wait, this concept sounds very familiar! That is because it has actually been done before. A few years ago, PC.com hosted an online show called Celebrity Techover. Can you guess which celeb participated in this show? Josh Duhamel of course. Right, but we get it – that was nearly three years ago – and the thousands of dollars of tech that he received back then must be outdated already.

Josh, instead of focusing on getting some technology makeovers, how about working on some mobile etiquette altogether?

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  1. “This Wired House” will be there first. Premiering in February. And it will focus on regular people, not celebrities.

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