How to Opt Out of Instant Personalization on Facebook, So Your Friends Don’t Hate You

Facebook is constantly driving us mad with new privacy changes, and this latest one in particular is something all users really need to actively do something about. That is because the new Instant Personalization setting in Facebook allows Facebook to share your likes and interests on external sites.  But it’s not just you that Facebook will share this information with, but they’ll also be sharing your friends likes and interests too. And perhaps the worst part of this is that they’ve automatically enabled “Instant Personalization” by default on every user’s account.

Here are instructions on how to opt out:
Go to Account > Privacy Settings > Apps & Websites > Instant Personalization > edit settings and uncheck “Enable”. And Remember, if your friends don’t do this, they will be sharing info about you as well.

(Thanks! AlmostZara)

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