ION Releases USB Health Related Gadgets Includes USB Blood Pressure Monitor

ION is looking to be your one-stop shop for all your health needs and has just  announced  four new health products: USB Blood Pressure Monitor, USB Insta-Scan Digital Thermometer, USB Body Mass Scale and USB Pedometer. The USB Blood Pressure Monitor will let you measure and monitor blood pressure right from your wrist with a push of a button. The USB Blood Pressure Monitor will begin to constrict and you can upload your results to a computer and track your health.

The USB Body Mass Scale will take your weight, body fat, and muscle tissue measurements and store data of upto five people. The data can also be transferred to your computer for further in-depth analysis utilizing the ION Health Suite software.

The USB Insta-Scan Digital Thermometer takes your temperature from a forehead or temple and can also transfer its data to a computer. The thermometer can be used when someone is awake or asleep because it’s not used orally.

Lastly the the ION USB PEDOMETER is probably the most common ‘new’ item we have seen done by others. It will track your daily activity via walking, running, etc..and the details ( you guessed it) can be upload to your computer for further scrutiny. You’ll be able to check your calorie loss and how many steps you walked etc…

ION’s latest wares will help you keep aware of your body and health.  Fun gadgets these aren’t but not everything can be a tablet…

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