Jersey Shore’s Sammi Sweetheart Opens Her Handbag Full of Gadgets

sammi2 559x508 Jersey Shores Sammi Sweetheart Opens Her Handbag Full of Gadgets

Sammi might have washed Ronnie out of her hair, but has she replaced him with a load of gadgets in her handbag? This week Sammi Sweatheart reveled what she has inside her purse, and I have to say the girl impressed me, assuming each item isn’t a product placement… In her bag she is carrying a BlackBerry Torch, Lady Gaga Heartbeats In-Ear Headphones, a Garmin GPS, a Go Flat Iron by FHI Heat, an iPod Nano 5G, DJ RapStar for Wii (I guess you never know where you will find a Wii and need a game to play), and lastly, what looks like a Samsung PL200 Digital Camera. From the looks of all that stuff in her bag, she will need a new juice-head stat to carry it around for her.

Check out the gallery below of some other celebs getting their tech-on this past week.

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