Jersey Shore’s Sammi Sweetheart Opens Her Handbag Full of Gadgets

Sammi might have washed Ronnie out of her hair, but has she replaced him with a load of gadgets in her handbag? This week Sammi Sweatheart reveled what she has inside her purse, and I have to say the girl impressed me, assuming each item isn’t a product placement… In her bag she is carrying a BlackBerry Torch, Lady Gaga Heartbeats In-Ear Headphones, a Garmin GPS, a Go Flat Iron by FHI Heat, an iPod Nano 5G, DJ RapStar for Wii (I guess you never know where you will find a Wii and need a game to play), and lastly, what looks like a Samsung PL200 Digital Camera. From the looks of all that stuff in her bag, she will need a new juice-head stat to carry it around for her.

Check out the gallery below of some other celebs getting their tech-on this past week.

[nggallery id=494]

[Via US  Magazine, Star Magazine, People]

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