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Justin Bieber Purple 3D Glasses Make You Scream Baby, Baby

If you didn’t already know, Justin Bieber will be releasing a movie on Valentine’s Day called ‘Never Say Never.’ Now personally I couldn’t care less about the Biebs… but I’ll give the kid credit for staying on top of trends. You see his movie will be shown in RealD 3D. So if you or your kids didn’t love him enough already, now you’ll really be able to see every pimple and ingrown hair. What impressed us the most was that Bieber along with RealD, have come up with a pair of Justin Bieber 3D glasses, in his fav purple color no less. So if you already have a pair of the JustBeats, and you get the Beiber 3D glasses, you’ll be really ready to give your heart to Justin on Valentine’s Day. The Justin Bieber 3D Glasses retail for $5.99 at Toys ‘R’ Us. There is also a chance to win a VIP 3D Sneak Preview if you head over to the Official website for the movie.


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  1. Do they give the purple 3d glasses when you purchase tickets? or do they give you the normal 3d glasses?

  2. My mom just bought tickets and I was soooo mad because the glasses weren’t purple!!!! Do I have 2 buy them separately ?????

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