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Lady Gaga and Polaroid Unveil Grey Label GL20 Sunglasses with Built-in Camera

Remember vintage Lady Gaga? You know her Poker Face and Just Dance days, when she wore those homemade LCD glasses. Well her creativity has become a reality and the Polaroid Grey Label GL20 are glasses that take that original concept one step further. These are no ordinary glasses, they feature the ability to not only look fashionable but also take pictures. How many people say they wish they could take pictures with their eyes… well the GL30 just lets you do just that. You can take pictures with your glasses and then upload the photos via USB and also display them on the front of your glasses for all the world to see.

Fashion and technology has merged again. One thing to note as well is that Lady Gaga will do just about anything for her fans. The entire Grey Label line was inspired by them and how she wants them to experience her shows and enjoy life as she would want to herself.

The glasses are expected to be released during the next holiday season.

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