Lady Gaga Reveals New Generation of the Instant Polaroid Camera

Today Lady Gaga once again wowed the crowd at CES 2011 – this is her second year in a row at the show. At today’s event she announced the Grey Label by Haus of Gaga Polaroid products. Each individual product has been blessed and created with Lady Gaga’s input. Three products were announced two of which have details below:

The GL10 Printer is a Bluetooth Printer that will print photos via bluetooth from your Smartphone ie Android phones, WP7 phones, and BlackBerry’s.. That’s right – iPhone’s are not compatible. Just send your images via Bluetooth to the printer and watch them come out in about 40 seconds.

The GL30 is the next generation of the Polaroid instant camera. This new version is more compact in size, and can print 10 instant photos at a time. You can also take pictures in the traditional way with the camera or via the LCD screen.

In the end of the day, the Grey Label is an impressive feat for the company and for Gaga and if I must say I absolutely would nominate her as an honorary booth babe. She did a better job at demonstrating the new Polaroid line then the execs did.

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