The MamiRobot Sevian Vacuum cleaner can handle all home terrain

The Roomba has had a lot of competition in recent years, and we’ve just seen another contender for the crown of best robotic vacuum cleaner. The MamiRobot is a Korean brand that cleans your house using wireless charging technology, and returns itself to the docking station when its task is complete.

The MamiRobot is fitted with anti fall sensors and light sensors to enable it to avoid stairs and the bumper sensors on the side make sure that it can avoid big obstructions. The twin charging station is interestingly designed, with the larger MamiRobot stationed at the base, and the handheld Zaaloo jutting out the back. The Zaaloo is a wireless handheld vacuum which is much smaller- great for getting into smaller areas, and meaning you can reach places that the larger Mamirobot can’t access. It can even be used on your computer to get tod of dust- a nice touch.

It returns itself to the docking station after use, and a full charge gives you around two hours of juice. It can handle wooden floors and carpet cleaning as it has an integrated Cyclone suction to attack dust; and you can attach their microfiber cloth to the base for extra shine on your floor.

It’s available in six colours from MamiRobot. US prices TBC.

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