Miles Davis Trumpet High Performance In-Ear Headphones Smooth as Butter

Miles Davis fans rejoice! Now you can own your very own high performance in-ear headphones featuring a uniquely jazz inspired style taken from Miles’ own trumpet! These striking headphones are precision tuned to reproduce subtle nuances and unique acoustic tones that are characteristic of jazz. They fit deeper in your ear canal than most other kinds of in-ear headphones (actually, it looks like they plug directly into your brain) which results in superior isolation and clarity and presence. The noise isolation is enhanced with their SuperTip eartips which provide a secure custom seal to eliminate unwanted noise. To accompany the unique styling is a silhouette of Miles Davis and his signature on the ear piece. You will even get a “special magnifier that allows users to better see the miniature laser-etched Miles Davis signature and Monster logo on the trumpet housing.

These headphones (SRP: $349) are being offered in a specially packaged set along with the seminal Miles Davis album “Sketches of Spain” in a specially remixed and remastered version in Monster High Definition Stereo (HDS) and High Definition Surround Sound specially engineered to capture the true harmonic depth and resonant tonal characteristics of Miles Davis himself.

This package is a jazz fan’s dream come true. The release will coincide with the upcoming 40th anniversary Collector’s Edition of Davis’ ‘Bitches Brew Live’ in February 2011. We got up close and personal with the production model and if they live up to what we have seen, these could be one of the coolest looking In-Ear Headphones we have seen in awhile. Or if anything they will encourage mock trumpeting on the earphone cable.

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