Nike SportWatch GPS Tells Your Lazy Behind to “Just Do It”

Nike ads make me feel lazy. I see the person running in gorgeous shoes, and I think “Hey, I should run! ” Then I turn the channel. Well this new watch is right up my alley. It sends you a friendly reminder when it has been 5 whole days since a run. It also kindly congratulates you when you achieve a goal you set. It is kind of like having a running buddy. Here are some other features it has:

-“GPS by TomTom + Shoe Sensor: GPS functions in tandem with the shoe sensor to optimize seamless data tracking during your run (e.g. when running through an urban canyon).

-Tap Interface: User simply taps the display to activate the backlight and to mark laps during their run.

-Direct Connect: USB contacts are molded into the watch strap allowing the user to plug the watch directly into a USB port on their computer to upload run data and recharge the battery.

-High Contrast Display: Features a Memory LCD that offers high contrast and ultra low power consumption.

-Run Reminders: Get automatic reminders from the watch when a run has not been logged in the past five days.

-Nikeplus.com: Upload GPS data to nikeplus.com to visualize your run data including a GPS route of your run, set goals, challenge friends, and more.”

No word on Availability. See Nike site for upcoming information.

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