Oddest Non-Gadget Debut at CES, Reese’s Minis

Well, it’s not electronic, but it is consumable… Reese’s has unveiled their latest innovation in candy miniaturization with Reese’s Minis. These dime sized Reese’s peanut butter cups come in 2.5oz and 8oz packs and are available in grocery stores nation wide. A bit tongue in cheek, Reese’s decided to make a splash at CES today by taking a page from Silicon Valley’s book- a huge countdown clock in the Grand Lobby counted down the time to the big unveiling where a large spotlight shown down as the large Reese’s box was lifted revealing a tiny Reese’s Mini Peanut Butter Cup proudly displayed on a pedestal.

Reese’s spokesperson Ana Lingeris promotes these candies to geeks and techies in this way:

Techies at CES seek out cool innovations like mini-tuners, mini-cams and gotta-have gadgets so small you could fit a fistful in your pocket. So who says that the next, big mini innovation can’t come from a candy company? Reese’s Minis reflect the best in creative product innovation and ‘on-the-go’ interfacing with user taste buds. And they solve an important issue for techies, too – their size and unwrapped state makes them ergonomically perfect for one-handed internet surfing or texting.

Anna Lingeris, spokesperson for the Reese’s brand

Is this the beginning of a new trend? Will ‘E’ in ‘CES’ disappear and turn into just ‘CS’? Who knows? And better yet, as long as chocolate and peanut butter are in the mix, who cares!

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