PixelOptics’ EmPower Electronic Glasses are Electronic Progressive Lenses

No more wearing bi-focals on the tip of your nose! With these fantastic glasses, you can look up and down as much as you like and experience the switch seamlessly. Just keep them charged up and you will never go back to regular glasses. This is a one of a kind patented technology. How does it work you may ask?

emPower lenses change prescription faster than in the blink of an eye. There are no moving parts and the change is virtually instantaneous. An invisible electronic add zone located about a half inch below the center of each lens changes the prescription in that portion of the lens so that vision goes from be­ing clear at fingertip distance to clear up-close for reading. When the electronic add zone is activated, it will blink on and when deactivated, it will blink off.

emPower! lenses have two modes of operation: automatic and manual. In automatic mode, the switch between full or partial reading prescription depends on where the wearer looks. The wearer looks down and the full read­ing prescription turns on; the wearer looks straight ahead and the emPower! lens returns to the partial reading prescription In manual mode the person decides when to adjust the glasses to a reading prescription. Control of the manual mode as well as switching to automatic mode is performed on the right temple of the eyeglasses. Manual mode is the default mode and activating the full reading prescription (turning emPower! ON) simply requires a touch of a finger. Switching to partial reading prescription (turning emPower! OFF) simply requires another touch of the finger. A swipe in either direction activates the automatic mode. Once activated emPower! automatically detects whether the viewer is looking up or down.

Available in April 2011 for $1200 for a complete pair (frames, lenses, coatings, charger and all electronics).

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