Polaroid 3D Glasses That Don’t Make You Look Like a Major Geek

Ever go to a 3D movie on a first date? Then you realize just how nerdy those glasses make you look. Not mention the discomfort. Polaroid has taken a swing at these issues with their new line of 3D glasses. Although they don’t work with current 3D TV’s, they do work with upcoming ones. Polaroid is just getting ahead of the curve. We’ll let them explain:

Current 3D TVs in the market employ “active” 3-D technology, which require special shutter 3D glasses with batteries or cables connected to the display. The new generation of 3D televisions, many of which are set to be unveiled this week at CES, will use the circular 3D technology similar to 3D theatrical releases. This type of 3D technology is expected to become the standard for gaming systems and PCs.

The Polaroid line of 3D glasses features circular polarized technology embedded within a premium curved circular polarized 3D lens, meeting the need for the circular polarized or passive 3D systems at an affordable price point.

“The premium curved lenses used in our products are made with our unique Thermofusion technology, guaranteeing a perfect 3D experience,” said Paul Sheerin, Vice President of Global Operations for Polaroid Eyewear.

Jerry Dreifuss, Global Marketing Manager at Polaroid Eyewear added, ‘We are excited to showcase our 3D eyewear line so that consumers can experience 3D within the home, without needing to be tethered to their displays or constantly changing batteries. Our eyewear features circular technology, delivering high quality, affordable 3D viewing in the home, providing style and comfort to avid 3D fans.’

Available now at Polaroid for $30 a pair, with 8 styles to choose from.

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