Petite PopDrive Packs in Two Syncing Hard Drives for Backup

PopDrive wants to be your only data backup solution, and it certainly seems like it has the chops to do so. For starters, PopDrive contains two drives inside of it that are in sync with one another at all times. If one drive fails, it can be replaced with a new drive which will automatically sync with the other working drive. PopDrive is also designed to be portable and compact, so that you can easy grab it and go if you need to. It accomplishes this by packing in two laptop drives and all-in-all it weighs a bit more than a pound yet manages to be pocket-friendly in size. It also features eSata besides USB, for quicker backups. And finally, it will even let you monitor the drive’s operations with an event log and email notifications.

But wait, we still think that PopDrive is missing one last thing that would make it perfect, and that is a complimenting online backup solution. Still, PopDrive does seem impressive.

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