iPad App of the Week: Turn Your iPad into the Ultimate Mac Mouse with Remote Conductor

As part of the ongoing mission to integrate all Apple devices into one grand system, m3me has developed the Remote Conductor app for the iPad. This app turns your iPad into an advanced mouse/trackpad for your Mac. You can use it as a standard trackpad, with familiar finger-based controls, but the intriguing stuff really comes in launch and switch modes. In launch mode, you can open any pinned application on your Mac with your iPad, using a bar at the bottom that resembles your Mac’s dock. The app will also automatically find and display all other applications and show them as icons on your iPad, which you can use to intialize the app on your Mac using your iPad’s touch controls. Switch mode allows you to quickly scroll through all apps you have running on your Mac, as well as through all windows open under one app. The thumbnail interface is intuitive, and makes switching between tasks on your Mac even more of a breeze than it already was. All you need to do is download the app and the free server software for your Mac.

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