Speakal iPhone and iPod Docks In Every Shape and Size

Speakal has unveiled a vast and varied array of iPhone and iPod touch speaker systems featuring styles from wacky to straight up outlandish. Needless to say, if you want to turn your iPhone speaker into a conversation piece, take a look at Speakal’s 2011 lineup. We’ve already reviewed the cool Tardis and Top Gear styled iPhone docks, here’s a few other iPhone docks and speakers you might find interesting:

Speakal TL 100 iPhone Dock

It’s large, it’s square, it’s got a huge speaker inside. And it has a clock.

• Built in amplifier with high quality double fold double magnet speaker unit

• Colorable LED light

• Radio

• Automatically synchronized clock with auto power on/off and sleep mode

• Chargeable for iPod/iPhone, full function remote control
• Runs for up to 8 hours on just 8 AA batteries

Speakal SB012A-MFI iPhone Dock

This is a universal dock and speaker for the iPhone. Featuring a stylish round form factor that comes in multiple colors like black, white, blue, and red. It’s powered by an AC power adaptor and has a 3.5mm line-in jack for connecting other audio sources. It’s round shape is reminiscent of an LP record or that round electric thing that is in the Borg regeneration chambers. You know what I’m talking about!

Speakal iB21 iPhone Dock

Macaroni and Cheese fans will love this one. Your iPhone rests comfortable in the slightly curved macaroni speaker arms of this iPhone dock. It’s strange, it’s wacky, it’s available in six of the most popular colors (black, red, blue, yellow, green, and silver) Apparently the macaroni styling has a purpose as it has a built in “acoustic accelerator with double sound field extending design.” Also comes with a LCD display with 4 (yes 4!) levels of brightness.

Speakal SB5 Premium Speaker System and Docking Station

This oval wacky design is made to pump out the bass and look cool doing it.

• Universal iPhone and iPod charging dock

• 27W Output on powerful bass bumping premium speakers

• 3.5mm line-in jack for other audio sources

• Bluetooth capability

• A full featured IR remote control

Speakal Sports iPhone Docking Station

At last, an iPhone docking station designed for that special jock in your life. These speakers come in three distinctive shapes- a soccer ball, a basket ball, and a football. Looks like our ice bound Canadian brethren are left in the lurch this time and shall just have to wait for their own hockey puck shaped iPhone dock.

• 2.1 speaker system

• 23W+ total output

• 360 degree sound distribution

• 15W firing subwoofer

• Touch controls

Speakal BTS8 Golf Ball iPhone Dock

A wireless stereo speaker set and charging dock for your golf loving hubby. This is one speaker that will look great on the back of your golf cart. It features a wireless bluetooth speaker that is operational from up to 33ft away. It will last for 5 hours on battery life which is more than long enough for you to finish almost any 18 hole course. Keep the music blasting the entire time you are on the green with the Speakal Golf ball speakers! Note: Speakal is not responsible for any damage or injury incurred by other golfers intentionally aiming at this speaker system or operators thereof.

Speakal DS910 iPhone Speaker Phone

This speaker dock turns your iPhone into a… phone! The revolutionary system allows you to plug your iPhone in and turn your previously fully functional phone into a… phone. It features a speaker phone system for your iPhone and allows you to make calls directly from the unit. It even has a built in answering machine… whatever those are. And it comes with an FM radio. Rock your iPhone like it’s 1997 with the Speakal DS910!

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