Speck CandyShell Card for iPhone 4

Speck has just announced a new addition to their CandyShell iPhone 4 Case lineup, the CandyShell Card. The Candy Shell Card is a super protective case which has storage for 1 to 3 credit cards. Just like any other Speck Candy Shell Case, they come in a bunch of fun color schemes, and offer superior protection.

CandyShell Card has easy-to-press rubber button overlays for the volume and lock buttons. There is a cutout for the vibrate toggle, headphone jack, dock connector, microphone, speaker, and camera/flash. There’s a side-loading card slot on the side of the case to slide in up to three cards. On the opposite side is a cutout so you can push the cards back out of the slot. CandyShell Card is bit thicker than other iPhone cases, but not abnormally thick especially considering the extreme protection it offers and its eye-popping good looks.

We have no doubt that CandyShell Card will be a big seller. Currently, it’s available in MagmaJamma Grey, SourPower Lime, MoonSicle White, and BatWing Black. All of the cases are currently listed as out-of-stock, but should soon be in stock, as the line has just launched. The CandyShell Card is selling for $39.95 which is just a tad pricier than other iPhone cases, but hey you’re getting a built in wallet too!

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