Stickybits stickers let you create custom content to share

In jokes are great. Everyone loves a good meme or a viral Lolcat and it’s nice to share that with your friends. Sure, you can use the web for that, but sometimes it’s nice to have something solid. Stickybits stickers contain individual barcodes, which you scan with an Android or iPhone phone (one you’ve downloaded the free app). Once you’ve scanned it you can attach any content to it, such as a cartoon or photo image, and then stick the Stickybit sticker on a card or a postcard- and give it away. The recipient will see a greeting on the card (they range from Sale to hello or random pretty images) and once they’ve scanned the barcode they’ll get to see the content you’ve created just for them on a Stickybits digital wall.

If you don’t want to opt for using the stickers, you can actually download printable barcodes from their website to use in the same way. The software works with all barcodes and QR codes, and some have promotions that get revealed once you scan them.

It’s a very cute idea, and a nice way to get inventive they suggest attaching a copy of your resume to a stickybit sticker and putting those on documents- a great way to get noticed.

1 pack of 20 vinyl stickers cost $9.95

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