SwitchEasy Odyssey iPhone 4 Case Takes Us Back to 2001 (A Space Odyssey)

The Odyssey Case for iPhone 4 by SwitchEasy has a look and feel like no other. It’s appropriately named for resembling the interior design of the ship in Stanley Kubric’s 2001: A Space Odyssey–clean and contemporary. The case is 3 pieces and comes with an interchangeable back panel, which is made of a scratch-resistant hydro polymer. Aside from its attractiveness, the back panel offers superior grip and protection for the case’s frame, plus it’s the perfect material for easily sliding the case in and out of a pocket.

The three-piece architecture was designed to offer superior protection while maintaining a sleek look and feel that is comfortable and lightweight. The inner casing is made of a soft polymer and is attached to your iPhone like any other skin. The back panel is placed on the back of the device, and the tough outer casing, which covers the top, bottom, and most of the back of iPhone, is placed over the back panel, snapping into place. The process can be pretty tricky, and takes time to perfect.

There are rubberized button overlays for the lock button and volume buttons, which are a pleasure to use. There’s a cutout for the vibrate toggle, headphone jack, speaker, mic, dock connector and camera/flash. The headphone jack cutout is not large enough for auxiliary cables or thick headphone plugs. The dock connector cutout is not large enough for older iPhone/iPod chargers or aftermarket chargers.

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The Odyssey case comes with a slew of accessories, more than we’ve seen with any other iPhone case–how exciting! It comes with two back panels, red and white with this case. It also comes with two anti-static screen guards for iPhone’s face, a microfiber wipe, a squeegee screen guard applicator, two universal dock adapters (white and black), one video dock stand, and 2 protector plugs for both the dock connector port and the headphone jack.

All in all, we loved SwitchEasy’s Odyssey iPhone 4 case for its beautiful finish, its comfortable solid grip, and its superior protection. We can’t help but love all the accessories too. The process of applying and removing the case can be unsettling considering it’s not compatible with all headphones or chargers, but it was a trade-off we were willing to succumb to. SwitchEasy’s Odyssey Case for iPhone 4 is available in a variety of awesome color schemes for $29.99 from SwitchEasy.com. $30 is the average for a good iPhone case. We would consider this one slightly above average, so it is indeed a good buy if you’re okay with the aforementioned drawbacks.

The Good: Style! Comfortable Grip, Interchangeable Faceplates, Button Overlays, Great Protection, Accessories
The Bad: Tricky to apply and remove, small headphone and dock connector port cutouts.

Update 01/20/2012: The SwitchEasy Odyssey iPhone 4 Case is now compatible with all iPhone 4S models across all carriers.

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