The Premiere is a Loudspeaker System that Docks Your iPod and Hides a Mac Mini

At first glance you would think you are looking at a high-end arcade machine but in fact this is anything but a Pac-Man machine. La Premiere aka The Premiere is a loudspeaker system that includes subwoofers, midrange drivers, and tweeters. It also has a Apple Mac Mini and iPhone/iPod dock built-in to it too. Lastly, there is a 22″ HDTV inside of it that will not only work with the Mac Mini, but it will also work with a game console or video projector that can also fits into this magical cabinet. The La Premiere has many functions like listening to music, internet browsing etc…and is available in both yellow and white. Unfortunately, there will only be a limited number of these made and so far it doesn’t look like its distributors are carrying it yet.

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