Veho’s Petite Mimi PC With Built-in Touchscreen Takes on the Mac Mini

mimi Vehos Petite Mimi PC With Built in Touchscreen Takes on the Mac Mini

PC makers like to say that their latest entertainment PC looks good enough to fit into your living room, but is a massive black box with a glossy finish all it takes to make something living room worthy? Fortunately, that’s not the case with Veho’s Mimi stylish Wall Mounted PC series. Yes, this little guy is glossy – but he’s also petite enough to be easily mounted on your wall. That makes him suitable for just about anywhere  – whether it’s next to your TV, in the classroom, in the boardroom, or even in the kitchen. The Mimi is also available with a built-in color touchscreen for quick access to Windows 7 and all your software. Of-course you can still connect the Mimi to an external LCD TV, or maybe even Veho’s own wireless speakers.

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The Mimi is available in 3 models, including the Mimi Uno that runs on a 1.6ghz Atom processor, has 2GB of ram and 160GB hard drive for $699.95. The Mimi Duo comes with similar specs, but sports a 7″ touchscreen for $799.95 . And finally the Mimi Pro runs on an AMD 1.6ghz processor, 4GB of ram, 500GB hard drive, plus it has a Blu-ray drive and sports HDMI out and WiFi for $999.95.