CES 2011 Verbatim Booth Tour

Boy are we glad we had a chance to bump into Verbatim at the Pepcom show at CES 2011. They had some very cool storage and accessory products to show off. Some of the products are currently available, while we will be anxiously awaiting for the others to hit the market.

Verbatim USB 3.0 External Solid State Hard Drive

Just because it’s external does not mean it needs to be slow. The Verbatim USB 3.0 External SSD screams speed. It boasts transfer speeds up to 190MB/s whereas the WD Passport Portable Hard Drive might see transfer speeds of 25MB/s on a good day. Of course, you need a USB 3.0 compatible computer to take advantage of the speeds, yet it will still be faster than an average external drive over USB 2.0. The Verbatim External Solid State Drive is encased in a sleak aluminum brushed-metal casing and will be available from 32GB to 128GB capacities. It includes a carrying pouch and a limited lifetime warranty. No word on pricing yet, but we should be seeing it later in the year.

Verbatim Store ‘n Go, Tough-N-Tiny, and Clip-It USB drives

Holy USB! Verbatim knows how to make ’em small. Verbatim’s Store ‘n Go Netbook USB drive is virtually invisible when it is inserted into a netbook or laptop. The low profile drive protrudes just 5mm from the USB drive and is only about the size of a quarter. It’s available in 4GB, 8GB, and 16GB capacities. The Tough-N-Tiny is exactly what it’s called, tough and tiny. It’s water proof, dust proof, and virtually damage proof. It comes with a removable lanyard keychain. It’s currently available in different colors from 2GB to 32GB capacities. Lastly, Verbatim’s Clip-It USB drive is one of the more unique drives we’ve seen.  This super small, and very thin, drive also functions as a document clip. They are currently available in 4GB capacities, and can even be purchased in 3-packs.

Verbatim Bluetooth Wireless iPad Foldable Keyboard

While it’s compatible with any bluetooth-compatible computer, phone or tablet, Verbatim’s Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard is perfect for iPad. The full-sized QWERTY keyboard includes iPhone/iPad multimedia keys, allowing you to maintain your productivity while navigating your music playlist. It comes with an iPhone stand and a carrying case. The Wireless Foldable Keyboard is not yet available, but should be soon.

Verbatim Optical Touch Mouse

Verbatim’s Wireless Touch Mouse is a very sleek and ergonomic optical touch mouse in a piano black finish. Like Apple’s Magic Mouse, there’s no dedicated right and left click buttons, you just click the right or left side. Also like Mighty Mouse, Verbatim’s Wireless Touch Mouse has support for swipe gestures, but for Windows only. It requires 2 AA batteries (included) and comes with a 2.4GHz USB Bluetooth receiver. No word on pricing or availability yet.

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