Verbatim’s Tiny “Titan XS” is Smallest Portable Hard Drive, Also the “Store n Go” Hard Drive for Mac

They just keep getting tinier. Hard drives are considered better the tinier and easier they are to move around. The oxymoron named TitanXS SuperSpeed is a USB 3.0 hard drive that is very fast on its feet. The other model announced is the Store n Go Superspeed that was created just for Mac users. Here is more information:

‘Titan XSSuperSpeed USB 3.0 – (pictured above) Verbatim’s popular Titan XS, one of the smallest hard drives in the industry, now joins forces with SuperSpeed USB 3.0 for an irresistible combination of speed and storage.  The rugged and sporty Titan XSSuperSpeed USB 3.0 is housed in a shock-resistant rubber enclosure that protects against rough-and-tumble use.  The new 3.0 drive features transfer speeds up to ten times faster than USB 2.0 drives and is backwardly compatible.  The pocket-sized unit remains big on storage – with 500GB available capacity – and includes Nero BackItUp & Burn software for full system backup and restore.

Store ‘n’ Go SuperSpeed USB 3.0/FW 800 – This sleek portable hard drive is the perfect companion for Mac users!  The glossy black Store ‘n’ Go SuperSpeed USB 3.0/FW 800 is compatible with all MacBook models and provides ample storage with eye-catching minimalist design.  Available in 500GB, the unit is HFS+-formatted specifically for the Mac operating system and features both USB 3.0 and Firewire800interfaces, providing this community of users with an extremely efficient and stylish choice for portable storage!”

For more information on either the Titan XS or the Store n Go click on the link. Available now. The 500GB of each goes for $167 and $149 respectively.