Why I Won’t Buy the Verizon iPhone

In case you missed it, which I’m sure you haven’t, Verizon announced that the iPhone 4 will be available on their network as soon as February 3rd for current customers, and February 10th for new customers. While most other countries have multiple wireless providers carrying the iPhone, this is the first time that the iPhone has been officially available on a wireless provider in the U.S. besides AT&T.

I’ve been using an iPhone 4 on AT&T’s network since the week that the iPhone 4 was released and I have never been more frustrated. I constantly experience dropped calls in New York City. And just this past week in Vegas, 3G data didn’t work at all during CES nor did calls work 90% of the time. Yet already reviews of Verizon’s iPhone are starting to come in which claim that the Verizon iPhone doesn’t suffer from the infamous iPhone 4 death grip issue. And Verizon is very eager to prove that their network will handle iPhone traffic better than AT&T’s.

So I’m super frustrated with my iPhone 4 running on AT&T’s network, so why won’t I switch to Verizon?

Contract, Shmontract

For starters, there is a two year contract holding me back somewhat. But what is really forcing me to stay with AT&T is the fact that AT&T’s iPhone 4 is GSM based. That means that although it’s somewhat difficult, it is possible to unlock AT&T’s iPhone 4, and I couldn’t live without that ability – since I do a fair amount of traveling abroad and don’t want to leave my iPhone behind. Furthermore, I already own quite a large selection of iPhone 4 cases, and most of them wont fit the new Verizon iPhone. The thought of having to invest in a new iPhone wardrobe isn’t very enticing.

The Verizon iPhone is running iOS 4.2.5 with built-in support for transforming your iPhone into a mobile hotspot with support for up-to 5 devices at the same time. That is definitely a useful feature to have. But I’ve already accomplished that by jailbreaking my iPhone and using an app called MyWi. As for Verizon’s pricing, their pricing for the iPhone handsets and accompanying voice plans are virtually identical to that of AT&T. Had Verizon offered more competitive pricing, I might have been drawn in. Sure, their $30 unlimited data plan for the iPhone is more attractive than AT&T $25 2GB plan, but fortunately I’m still grandfathered in on AT&T’s older Unlimited data plan.

At the end of the day, I’m really fed up with AT&T’s iPhone service and the iPhone 4’s reception issues, yet I won’t be standing in line to get the Verizon iPhone. I’m going to stick with AT&T till iPhone 5 comes out. That said, if you aren’t an AT&T iPhone user, and you have been impatiently waiting for the Verizon iPhone to be released, your time has finally come. Meanwhile, I’m really hoping that Verizon and AT&T start offering contract free / prepaid iPhones and plans. And if I could have one more wish granted, it would be that T-Mobile gets the iPhone too. But I’ve been around long enough to know that lightning doesn’t strike twice.


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  1. I have iPhone 4 though AT&T and never had any problems with my reception. My data price i pay is 30 for unlimited. Im happy with the pricing at&t offers I’m staying with them. I hate Verizon and will never go back to them…I agree with everything u said. Everything pretty much the same between the two companies if the wanted people to make a switch from AT&T to Verizon well Verizon should of made it worth wild but they didn’t when talking about the iPhone 4 so I mean why would anyone switch when it’s the same offering. Well, AT&T has me.

    Ishee 🙂

  2. having left AT&T before the iPhone era (the service was crappy then and I found myself abroad without service twice … despite calling AT&T previous to trip and being assured I would receive service in Europe) i am glad the opportunity to possess the iPhone on verizon’s reliable network exist. I feel most of the reasons you give (outside of the contract one … as I paid a pretty penny to get out of my AT&T contract) are minor for the most part. I am surprised verizon didn’t go the way of the storm which has CDMA abilities stateside but uses vodafones SIM card for abroad usage abilities. the dual system has been a nice work around for when I am broad….but with that said i suspect the next verizon wireless generation will be a plus for the social/biz person who travels abroad a bit.

  3. AT&T has its time with the iphone advantage. They took it for granted. No service and reception coverage improvement has come to today’s customer dissatisfaction. No one is to blame.
    I will definitely switch to Verizon as this is to reward a better company which has invested into its business.

  4. If you had dropped the iPhone on Verizon exclusively, it’d have crushed their network too. Don’t blame AT&T, blame the popularity of the iPhone. Pure volume, plain and simple. They couldn’t put equipment out there fast enough. Let all the complainers who have no idea what it takes to build a wireless network go whine about Verizon’s network while AT&T’s network gets better because of all the freed up capacity. Good riddance.

  5. I’m pretty content with my android from verizon for now. I’m going to give the iphone a year before committing. Thankfully I don’t travel much, so otherwise it should meet my needs.

  6. OOO about wishes; I wish Apple could do a little democratic remodeling of it’s iPhone, so it could accommodate both the CDMA, and the GSM networks. Then straight talk can for once offer true cheap unlimited plans, with the most complete network coverage ever. It would probably be a slightly bulkier phone, but so what! An iPhone with signal, imagine.

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