Victorinox Debuts Slim, Slim Duo, and Slim Flight Flash Drives

Victorinox is ready to again prove they are not just a company that sells pocketknives. Slim and Slim Duo are high performance portable data storage devices that provide up to 64GB of storage for your important files, images, and presentations but also secure data encryption technology that can only be accessed through your personal password.

The Victorinox Slim and Slim Duo also include all the standard pocket knife functions such as blade, nail file, scissors, and key ring making it an essential lifestyle accessory. Victorinox Slim Flight doesn’t have a knife but it still is pretty trendy looking. The bladeless Victorinox Slim  is permitted to be carried on airplanes and will color coordinate with your outfits.

Additional Software Features:

Automatic Back-up Function Zero-Footprint capability to ensure anonymity while web surfing Bookmarks and Favorites Manager Synchronize your documents and folders between more than one computer Synchronize Office Outlook or Outlook Express files Password Manager.

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