WOWee One Speaker Review

The WOWee One speaker offers huge sound in a portable package. Its patented gel skin bottom sticks onto flat surfaces and uses it to amplify the bass. Big sound isn’t all this portable speaker has to boast about, it can play up to 20 hours of music from one charge on its lithium ion rechargeable battery. It is an awesome companion to have for your iPod, Phone, or MP3 Player.

The WOWee One is simple and easy. There’s no buttons, switches, or complicated plugs. It comes with a Mini-USB cable to charge the device and an auxiliary cable to connect to your music player. To play music, simply plug the auxiliary cable from the headphone jack of a music player to the standard 3.5mm jack on WOWee. Immediately it powers on and starts playing tunes, no power adapter required. There’s a blue LED that lights up to indicate the speaker is powered on. The volume is controlled from your music player, not the speaker. It gets very loud, so loud that it will hurt to stand next to it at max volume. For optimal sound, its best to try sticking WOWee One to a variety of surfaces.

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The size is comparable to two stacked iPhone 3Gs (one inch thick), which is quite portable for such a powerful speaker. It weighs 7 ounces, which is not too heavy at all. The gel on the bottom of WOWee is strong enough to place on a wall and support the weight of the speaker and a phone (as pictured), but I don’t recommend it–eventually it will fall. Should the gel lose its stickiness, it can be wiped down with a damp cloth, and will function like new again.

The WOWee One is super convenient to have around. It’s small enough to easily slip into an overnight bag or jacket pocket. The long battery life means there is usually always enough juice to use in a pinch; plus a mini-USB charger is one of the most universal chargers out there. The audio quality is largely dependent on the surface that WOWee is leeched on to, this can sometimes be an issue. The surface has to be smooth and flat, if it’s not the speaker will dance around and rattle. It will also sound very treble-y with almost no bass. Very heavy or dense surfaces, like my big granite table, are poor conductors of bass. Glass surfaces and wood worked very well. Plastic Items, like tupperware, work very well, but if they’re too light they may rattle. It can be fun to get creative trying various surfaces. But sometimes I found music to sound rather unnatural. With the WOWee leeched on to an optimal surface, it produces nice bass, but is still heavy on the treble. The WOWee One speaker is available in Black, Black/Chrome, White/Chrome, and Pink/White. It can be purchased for $79.99. As long as you’re not expecting audiophile audio quality, you should be very satisfied with it. After all, it has an awesome battery and it’s super portable, easy to use, and convenient to have.

The Good: 20 Hour Battery, Portable, Rechargeable battery, Easy to Use
The Bad: Treble-Heavy, Requires Smooth Surface Capable of Resonating Bass


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  1. Don’t buy into the hype that this product seems to be getting. I bought one through Amazon, plugged it in and stuck it to several different surfaces. Bottom line: it sounds like a cheap AM radio speaker from 1972 when it’s not stuck to a surface. Stick it to a surface and it still sounds like a cheap am radio speaker from 1972. It’s only marginally better than the speaker on my iPad or Blackberry.

  2. have you tryed putting it on a wooden surface? :l as everyone explains.. works better that way aparently.

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