AMD’s Fusion Processor Encourages Businesses to Play

Computer chips power the world as we know it, they make computers run, equipment work and processors make sure all our devices keep buzzing and beeping. The quality of the chip allows you to do different things however, and AMD’s Fusion range takes communicating to the next level.

They will be slowly integrating their new Fusion processor into a variety of devices this year, and this allows greater levels of communication.

One of the most interesting uses of this new processor is showing how various mediums of media can now integrate seamlessly, and I was able to view an interactive video PowerPoint presentation, where the creator used blue screen technology to actually change the items displayed. In the presentation I viewed on the solar system, planets were moved around the screen, opened and closed for more information, and made to rotate with a wave of the presenter’s hands. They’ve coined it ‘Kinnect for PowerPoint’ and that’s a pretty accurate term. This was created by a company called Nuvixa who have been working closely with AMD, and the PowerPoint works by using two simultaneous webcams (to be integrated into some laptops later this year).

The reason the Fusion processor can handle this type of integration is due to the fact that it combines the CPU and GPU (graphics processing unit) on a single chip, making a much more streamlined video experience.

It’s great to see that AMD keep innovating, and this type of application encourage businesses to take a more light-hearted approach to the rather dry subject of PowerPoint’s.

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