MWC 2011 Android Pin Badges Make Their Way to eBay

Sure, smartphones and tablets were all the rage at MWC and even the latest innovative apps. But what really stole the show were Android pin badges. A collection of 86 of these super adorable Android pins were released during MWC and each of the 86 featured a different personality. Yes, everywhere you turned you would see reporters and booth people alike donning these adorable mascots. If you visited stands of Google’s partners throughout the show – like HTC or Samsung for example… they not only had specs to share with you on their latest devices but also an offering of an Android badge. I was lucky enough to snag 5 with the help of Judie Lipsett of Gear Diary, and it was definitely a challenge – some was even taken by force! However for those who weren’t at MWC, you are in luck –  eBay ( where everything ends up eventually) has several up for sale at a reasonable price.  So if you are a super Android fanatic, you have your chance to collect some pins, minus the sweat and tears.

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