Angry Birds Merchandise Flocks to Toy Fair 2011

Well the birds certainly have flocked to Toy Fair 2011 this year and those birds just happen to be Angry Birds. Sure there was the Mattel Angry Birds game that was on display, but more importantly we got a sneak peek at the latest Angry Birds gear that will be hitting online retailers soon. We are talking even bigger plush dolls, dodge balls, keychains, lanyards, slippers, blankets, magnets, bags, and figurines. Basically everything but the kitchen sink is going to be made into Angry Birds merch. If you are an Angry Birds fan, I would get down on your knees and kiss the feet of the company who is pumping out these goodies – Commonwealth Toy Company. They are the ones responsible for manufacturing the Angry Birds line-up of goodies for your consumption.

Prices for the Angry Birds goods will start from  $4.99 for a lanyard and go upwards to $79.99 for the biggest Angry Birds plush doll. Expect to get inundated with Angry Birds merch very soon at online retailers like Toy Wiz and the like. I wonder if Mario is getting jealous yet…

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