Cupid’s Arrow Has Struck! Ken and Barbie are Together Again

Well he has done it! Ken has successfully wooed Barbie back. Was it the Facebook page, billboards, or Twitter? Or perhaps the special Ken candy at Dylan’s Candy Bar. It could have been the humongous Jumbotron in Times Square where Ken declared his love earlier today.

I personally think it was the Barbie cupcake at Magnolia bakery.  The announcement was made via their official website and Barbie shortly tweeted thereafter the above.  However don’t pester them. I’m sure they want some quiet time to get reacquainted and they have yet to facebook or tweet out the details of their romantic reunion. It’s ok, we will  give them their space. Believe it or not Ken and Barbie were apart for SEVEN YEARS!

Now that Barbie is back on Ken’s arm, he has a big birthday to celebrate – Ken is turning 50! So how is Mattel marking this huge milestone?  Well with a new doll of course! Sweet Talkin’ Ken.  Ken has always known the right thing to say. But now he really will know the perfect thing to say because  Sweet Talkin’ Ken features a built-in microphone that records up to five seconds of sound, by simply pressing the heart on the Ken doll’s shirt, allowing girls to record phrases and play the message back in three different voices including the original recording and “Ken’s” voice. Not only will Sweet Talkin’ Ken Whisper sweet nothings in your ear and Barbie’s, he also has a new look and haircut, ( yes it looks like Bieber’s haircut – meh) is wearing jeans and a  graphic T-shirt which reads “The Ultimate Boyfriend” in 10 different languages (how hipster), Sweet Talkin’ Ken is available now for $15.99. We can’t wait to see how dapper he looks on March 11, 2011 when he turns the big 5-0.

Lastly if you happen to be in NYC today. Barbie and Ken will have their official public reunion at Kmart Penn Plaza (5pm to 7pm), where they will be meeting and greeting fans and exhibiting their love I’m sure. Who knew romance could bloom at Toy Fair.

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