Best of Toy Fair 2011 – The Techie Toys

Well Toy Fair 2011 is officially over! Yes – believe it or not it was just a week ago and we have finally dug out from under all the toys to list the best and techiest ones from the show. Check out the highlights below.

Tablets Come to Play at Toy Fair! VTech’s InnoPad and LeapFrog’s LeapPad Explorer

The tablets took over MWC and apparently Toy Fair 2011 too. So parents finally can wipe the sweat off their brow and get kids their own tablet to break and smash, instead of one that costs several hundred dollars. Both the InnoPad and LeapPad Explorer are unique in their own right and are super kid friendly in its core. We will have to just wait to put them through their paces when they launch officially in a few months. However, will both kid friendly tabs still entice your kids to loosen their grip your ‘adult’ tablet…that remains to be seen.

Barbie Hairtastic Printables

All little girls love to play dress-up but did you ever think you would see printable hair extensions?  Sure nails…but hair? Well Barbie Hairtastic Printables allows to you to print designs right on to pieces of hair. Little girls and Barbie can wear the extensions and it all comes right out of your inkjet printer. Not that’s what I call bonding with Barbie.

Jakks Spy Net Video Watch with Night Vision

Last year Jakks made a big splash with their Spy Net Video Watch. Well this year will be no different and now the watch has gotten a make-over along with a new feature – night vision. But the watch isn’t the only thing that will impress this year. The Spy Net line-up of super spy tech toys for kids will feature a bevy of fun items that will help detect perps and help boys get around like 007. And little girls are in luck too, there are whisperings of a similar type of  Spy Net line but only for the girls. I got a sneak peek and all I can say is boys, move over….


JI GA ZO is a 300-piece puzzle that can be rearranged to create millions of face combinations including images of yourself, your friends, your family or even your pets. JI GA ZO’s pieces have varying levels of Sepia-colored gradations on one side and distinguishing symbols on the other. When the pieces are locked together, any face can be created. The key to this puzzle is the advanced JI GA ZO software, which produces a unique symbol map that shows where each of the pieces should be placed on the assembly grid. Ju Ga Zo will retail for $24.99.

Laugh & Learn Baby iCan Play Case

Who would think a simple toy could be so useful. Albeit a very brave parent will use this toy or one that has very old iPhone/iPod touch generations laying around. But the Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Baby iCan Play Case certainly adds a twist to the typical iPhone/iPod Touch case covers. Who knew you could turn your hi-tech gadget into an even more hi-tech rattler.

Fijit Friends

Ok. Fijit Friends were probably my favorite toy of the entire Toy Fair. Is it because of the name and that I’m constantly being told I fijit too much? Who knows. But in any case these adorable interactive little ‘friends’ are exactly what I’m missing in my life. In fact they have already popped up on Amazon, I think I may go pre-order one now.

Update 8/14/2011 – For our full review of Fijit Friends,  head on over here!


This version of Monopoly certainly turns the game on its ear. So long paper money and property cards (very limited amount anyway). Now you must listen very carefully to what is going on by an electronic tower that uses motion/vision play.  MONOPOLY  Live, features a quirky electronic device that spurts out digital money and chance cards throughout the game. You don’t even roll dice anymore, you just place your hand over certain areas on the board to activate a dice roll. Luckily the classic Monopoly pieces are still apart of the game.

I Am T-Pain Mic

JAKKS Pacific once again is getting all techie with itself. Inspired by the  ‘I Am T-Pain’ App,  the ‘I Am T-Pain Mic‘ was born.’ You will be able to make your bad American Idol audition sound like a winner with this toy.

Let’s Rock Elmo

Oh that Elmo and his charming ways…we could tickle him or we could even laugh with him when he came alive. Now we can jam with Elmo. Let’s Rock Elmo will sing and dance and rock it out old school style. You can even jam with Elmo and he will know exactly what instrument you are playing.

GeoPalz Will Keep Kids Walking

GeoPalz is a fun pedometer that tracks the activity of families and children on the go and virtually. The GeoPalz Pedometer is available in different shapes, sizes, and fun designs and parents can track themselves or their kids activity via the GeoPalz activity tracker online.  But what if you wanted to check activity and weren’t near a computer? GeoPalz will be launching an iPhone app that allows family members to track physical activity through a choice of three measurement systems. At the start of an activity, users have the option to view steps on a numerical pedometer, a pedometer with a map showing how many steps they’ve taken or a GPS map with their total distance. GeoPalz can go on shoes, belts, or even on bags and were made for walking.

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