iPhone App of the Week: Beverly Hills Manners App

Are you headed to the Oscars this weekend? Perhaps dinning at the Governors Ball afterparty? Then perhaps this app will come in handy as you wine and dine with the rich and famous….Do you pine for the days when good manners were all, and elegance ruled the day? Start laying down the manners law (or get yourself back into good social graces) with the Beverly Hills Manners App, straight from Lisa Gache, expert on all things etiquette and CEO of Beverly Hills Manners. There are tips and guidance in here for everything from parenting to interviews to dinner parties to business interactions, sure to give you the confidence and good manners to succeed in any social situation. It’s available for free from iTunes, so now you have even less of an excuse to act like a boor next time you’re out on the town or hanging with Anne Hathaway and James Franco.

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  1. Wow that application fits well to my officemate who don’t have any manner at all. Ha! Ha! Ha! too bad she don’t have iphone I would have love to share this application with her.

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