Hey Man, the Black Light In Stereo iPhone Dock is Soo Gnarly

Did someone just pass some hemp to the iPod Touch? Well it certainly seems like it from this latest dock. The Black Light in Stereo iPhone/ iPod Dock features a 4 foot speaker span as well as a 48 inch black light that will respond to the music coming out of the stereo system. There are three modes: steady on, strobing, or music responsive. The dock will also work with other MP3 players as well, and can be mounted or placed wherever you want it to be. Overall, the Black Light in Stereo iPhone Dock certainly was very odd to see in person when we came across it, but perhaps it would fit in nicely in a dorm atmosphere. Now all you need are some Grateful Dead posters to complete the homage. The Black Light in Stereo is going for a wholesale price of $75, so I assume you should be able to score one for about $100 – if it ever shows up anywhere.

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