CalypsoCrystal’s Crystal Docks Let You Charge Your iPhone With Class

Charging and syncing your iPhone is pretty rote, unremarkable stuff these days. Well, throw that out the window. CalypsoCrystal has arrived to upgrade your iPhone experience in a wonderfully elegant way with their new line of handmade and handcut pure crystal glass iPhone docks. Each one is specially made in Europe from some of the best in the business, and now you can get your hands on one of these beauties.

There are three different styles; the Beau, the Celestia and the Dune, that go for $199.00 each, sporting their own finely etched designs, and polished to absolute perfection. Of course, there’s also the fourth, and that’s where the real luxury kicks in. The limited edition Aurora outshines the rest, featuring a hand-done platinum paint job over an intense polish job on the crystal. The Aurora is literally one of a kind, too. Only 999 are being made, and no two are exactly like. They’re like the snowflakes of the beautiful, wonderful world of luxury. Of course, you’ll need to shell out a bit more to get one of these unique treasures: $349.00, to be exact. If you’ve got a birthday coming up, start dropping hints now.

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