Epson ES1000 Tabletop Screen Eases the Burden of the Traveling Businesswoman

At MWC 2011 today, Epson unveiled a new projection screen that should help lighten the loads of traveling businessmen and businesswomen everywhere. The ES1000 is a new tabletop projection screen that is designed specifically to be light, small and travel friendly, without skimping on quality. Early looks suggest that Epson has been successful.

The ES1000 is capable of accommodating images of up to 50 inches diagonally, and appears to provide clear and crisp images, regardless of projection size. Of course, the focus of the ES1000 was on travel and efficiency, and it shows. The screen can be set up in about thirty seconds, thanks to its simple, one piece design. Bulky projector screens will be a thing of the past now that this thing has hit: it weighs an incredibly light 6.5 pounds, and is just 34.5 inches long. Oh, and Epson took the one piece design to heart: when you’re done, close the screen, and it creates its own carrying case!

The Epson ES1000 tabletop projection screen is available now for $129.00. For all you travelers out there who take your business with you, take a good look at this screen. As any traveler knows, anything that lightens your luggage is an absolute godsend.

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