Fascinations Booth Tour, Where Science and Nature Meet

Fascinations is a company that never fails to impress. We first discovered them last year with the USB Desktop Aquarium. Well this year at Toy Fair, they also seek to impress with a ton of new unique physics and science toys that are extremely, for lack of a better word, fascinating. Their Jellyfish Aquarium is a beautiful centerpiece that has seven [eerily] realistic looking jellyfish swimming around. It has a very soothing ambiance and requires no maintenance. The aquarium has 12 color changing LED lights and 5 color lighting effects. There is an auto-off function after four hours and requires the use of an AC adapter. It costs $50. They also make a smaller model called Magic Jellyfish, which includes three jellyfish. With their Crystal Garden Wish Flower is a science kit where you can grow your own crystal. This Feng Shui product comes in four colored varieties: Earth, Fire, Water, and Air. They cost $5 each.

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Another ‘grower’ is their new My Pet Plant that allows you to start growing your own plant inside of a keychain. Once a month you dunk the keychain in water. Eventually, it will outgrow its container and you can plant it and enjoy it for years to come. SpaceAnts Illuminated is another neat product; it’s an ant farm where the ants live, work, and tunnel through a clear nutrient gel. The LED Night Time Illumination will highlight the tunnels and the ant activity. It costs $12.50. Lastly, their Solar Powered Butterfly will ‘fly’ around in circles, providing a very realistic and lovely touch to any garden or flower arrangement. There are two types of butterflies available, the Monarch (pictured, but tough to see) , and Tiger Swallowtail. The Solar Butterfly can also be powered with a battery. They costs $6 each,

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