How These Geeks Professed Their Love and Yes, We Know One of Them

Do you heart me IRL as well as in R MMORPG? You and me have such a kinnect-ion. Ok, people don’t actually speak like this (hopefully|) but they do engage in all sorts of geeky phrases, and as it’s getting close to Valentine’s Day I’d like to take a look at the more heart-warming geeks of the world. From virtual weddings, to a USB engagement ring, Chip Chick has the lowdown on ten top geeky love moments to fill your iHeart with pleasure.

The Custom Website Cutie

How do I say I love thee? Let me count the ways… or just make a personalized website to demonstrate the many ways that I think you’re fabulous. This is just what Dave did with the ultra cute Dave loves Elizabeth website. Mocked up to resemble the EHarmony dating site, the website leads you through various moments in the couples’ life, culminating in a proposal- this time in real life, with Dave waiting nearby with flowers to ask the question. She said yes, and it has been happy ever after since, with the website still up as a tribute. Check it out, it’s adorable.

(Google) Map out your love

Michael Weiss-Malik wanted to ask Leslie to marry him, but being a child of the 21st century, wanted to do it in a unique way. Luckily, he worked for Google, so was able to make sure he was standing in the right place when the Google Street View car came to town, and held up a huge sign saying ‘Marry Me Leslie’ which was captured forever (or till they send a new car). Leslie was so touched (or embarrassed) by this massive display that she agreed!

[via GEarth blog]

The Twitter Live Stream Wedding

Twitter is a great tool for sharing and connecting with people, so why not take the ultimate step? A livestream.. of your wedding. This is just what tweet fanatics Sara (from Suburban Oblivion) and Paul did. To be fair, Twitter did bring them together, as they online, got engaged at a Tweetup and used the service to stay in contact with each other during their long distance love affair. They created a geeky invitation (pictured), threw a sex toy instead of a bouquet, and had their own very special hash tag for the ceremony, where you could read the vows. Thankfully, they weren’t actually tweeting during (well, their hands look free at any rate). Aww, sorry @awwww.

You’re My Final Fantasy

I’m slightly biased about this story, seeing as the groom in question is my boyfriend’s brother (yes, sometimes you do actually know these people). Paul met Vicky online playing Final Fantasy and they became part of the same horde. He was a mystical warrior, she was Bronwen a short stumpy gnomelike creature. He refilled her health or whatnot, and then it was lurv despite having a girlfriend at the time, Paul left her for Vicky (who he’d never met) and they then got engaged and married a year later. Whilst the wedding was sadly not themed (sigh) they did have everyone in their ‘horde’ come to the ceremony, and their Final Fantasy avatars were displayed on their cake. It gets even stranger.. They didn’t actually move in together for quite some time- as Paul needed to get his internet connection string enough first! Well, whatever works for you folks…?

Say iDo with the iPad

Katie and Aaron are just a couple of nice normal folk getting hitched. Well, kinda. As well as a penchant for green bridal wear, they both share the same love for Products from the house of Jobs, and had their wedding ordained by a minister using an iPad. They then both proceeded to read their vows off the iPad and then it was iDo. The official actually hadn’t planned to use an iPad, but had forgotten to print his notes, and found that this was an equally good way of conducting a ceremony, and the Apple fanboys had their dreams fulfilled twice over.

[via Geekologie]

The One where Neil Gaiman Proposes

This proposal is so cool that I’m actually giddy with excitement. It’s amazing enough that should someone approach me in this manner my whole anti marriage stance would alter, as how can you say no to Neil Freaking Gaiman? Yes, a little bit if a fangirl crush at work here. If you got Terry Pratchett in on the act, well my heart would just expire from joy. Jason was looking to propose to his girl Maui in a cool way, and decided to get one of the best ever writer sin on the act. When queuing for Gaiman’s autograph, Gaiman would write ‘Will you marry me, Jason?’ (well, he’d need to clarify) in the book, and then bent knees and rings would ensue.

It did work.. kinda. Jason sorta forgot how star struck Maui would be at seeing Gaiman so she didn’t actually READ the inscription for while, which must have been one awkward moment for Jase. Still, when she recovered enough to read the words, she said yes, so all ends well in Gaiman’s world. Another example of how wonderful Gaiman is… oh, and how geeks are romantics at heart.

[via Boing Boing]

The I-Fairy Robot Priest

You expect your wedding to be conducted by a priest who is gentle, kind, and has some pithy words of wisdom that will somehow reflect every feeling you’re going through. Well, that’s what Hollywood would have us believe anyways… This didn’t seem to bother this Japanese couple, who had their wedding officiated by the I-Fairy robot. Four foot tall and with flashing eyes, this is the first robotic conducted wedding on record, and the couple seemed pretty pleased with the whole vent0- it certainly made it memorable for them. Then again, the groom is Tomohiro Shibata, a professor of robotics at the Nara

Institute of Science and Technology in central Japan, so it’s kind of his thing. Should you wish to have an I-Fairy at your wedding it will set you back about $68,000.

[via USA Today]

One more, just because we’re soppy – The one where Ken gets Barbie back

Barbie and Ken have always been the ultimate doll couple- till they broke up in 2004! Mattel decided they needed some space from each other to allow Barbie to grow as a woman. Ken has now had enough alone time, and has started a campaign to win back Barbie. He’s taking a 21st century slant on it, by getting her cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery (and checking in on Foursquare whilst there) as well as filling billboards with lobe messages and sending her texts. Will she take him back (in one of the cutest web stunts ever) – we’ll find out by Valentine’s Day! Whether or not Barbie takes Ken back hasn’t officially been decided yet but it looks like she is going to celebrate his upcoming 50th birthday in style with a new dress and even a present.

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