Intel Takes Renewable Energy to Heart, Completes Solar Installations at Several Factories

This week might have started out rough for Intel in regards to chip recalls, but the company is ending it on a high note and taking Obama’s initiative for renewable energy to heart. Intel has announced that they have completed nine solar electric installations at Intel locations in Arizona, California, New Mexico, Oregon and Israel.  If you add it all up, that means Intel is generating a total of 3.8 Million kilowatts of clean solar energy.  In the end they will be utilizing more green power versus real electricity to build those chips and everything else Intel has their hands on.  Good job Intel! I’m sure this is just the tip of the iceberg of your renewable energy initiatives. Perhaps other big companies will take your lead and convert to renewable energy, as long as they don’t pass the cost along to the consumer.

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  1. I especially like these parking lot shade solar structures because they not only create electricity but also keep cars cool and therefore have a compelling ability to further reduce carbon emissions.

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