Intivation and Umeox Harness the Power of the Sun, Create Solar-Powered Android Phone

One trend continuing at MWC 2011, and hopefully beyond, is eco-friendly green tech, and there might not be a better example of it this year than Umeox’s Apollo Solar Android touch phone. It uses Intivation’s new Sunboost3 solar technology, a more efficient and practical product than previous iterations.

Intivation isn’t new to the solar game, but has now put forth its best product yet in Sunboost3. Sunboost3 is a technology platform, so it’s not just created for phones, but anything electronic that you might want to power with the Sun. The biggest news here is the drastic improvement in functionality in low-light conditions. The cells manage to take in a fair amount of energy on cloudy days, lengthening the charge life of your phone, in this case. It’s cheaper and cleaner energy; everyone saves money, and the earth can breathe a little sigh of relief. It’s a win-win.

The Umeox Apollo is your standard Android smartphone, with mobile web browsing, apps, and all the familiar fixings that have changed the way we live our lives on the go in the past few years. Of course, the battery is supplemented with Intivation’s solar technology, meaning a ridiculously long battery life. You’re not going to be charging this phone through an outlet much. Sunboost3 on mobile devices is enabled by Intivation’s Smart Cell technology, which creates a plug-n-play solar cell boost converter that makes things much, much easier for mobile device developers.

If you’re looking to go green in 2011, keep an eye on this phone and this technology. I’m sure we haven’t heard nearly the last of either.

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