The Jabra Freeway Will Help Keep Motorists From Driving With One Hand on Wheel, Two Eyes Off Road

A recurring theme of MWC 2011 has been driver safety, which should be applauded. It is a mobile tradeshow, and whether it is right (or legal) or not, people are going to communicate with while driving, with hands-free devices or without them. Jabra has upped the ante in the safety dance with the Freeway, a speakerphone built for the car that succeeds in making safety and hands-free VoIP communication look pretty cool.

This speakerphone is actually made up of three speakers and two microphones, providing Virtual Surround Sound and background noise reduction that should create the crystal-clear communication that is often lacking with speakerphone technology. Of course, this is all nice, but the point of actually using the speakerphone to make and receive calls is the part that gets unsafe, and this is where Jabra really follows through with its goal of user safety. The Freeway has a full range of voice controls, allowing you to accept or reject calls with spoken commands. With the Freeway, you shouldn’t ever need to look away from the road to make full use of the device, which is huge for motorist safety. The ribbon on the box is the motion sensor that automatically turns the device on or off, depending on whether or not you are entering or exiting the car. The Jabra Freeway promises to be safe, easy-to-use, and high quality, so be sure to check it out when it hits the United States in Q2 2011.

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