KT, Intel and Samsung to Demo First Ever LTE Solutions Based on Cloud Communication Center

KT, a wireless service provider based in South Korea, Intel and Samsung announced at MWC 2011 together that they will be conducting the first ever LTE solutions based on Cloud Communication Center network technology. The demonstration will consist of a full-HD, 3-D streaming video using LTE (informally known as 4G) and the cloud, which is created from Intel’s servers and Samsung’s modems. It all sounds pretty complicated, but the basic message is this: things are about to get a lot faster.

You know LTE is going to bring some breakneck download and upload speeds, but when combined with cloud services, things get faster for everyone. The big winner looks to be providers, who will have the luxury of having all of their network infrastructure in one place, reducing power consumption across the board (which makes for a happier planet!). Data can be routed to individual devices faster and more efficiently, lowering maintenance costs for providers, which will (hopefully, maybe?) lower costs for consumers.

This big announcement is also telling us what we already knew: that 4G speeds are coming soon, and that the cloud is going to be a huge factor in data storage going forward. So, keep an eye on how this demonstration goes, and how the cloud and LTE are going to make everything about the mobile world faster, more efficient, more cost-effective, and more eco-friendly!

Please note, that in accordance to the FTC Guidelines and WOMMA Code of Ethics, I am disclosing that Intel Corporation has covered my travel, accommodations and costs related to our visit to MWC 2011.

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